Climate change

📹 Consorzi di Bonifica e miglioramento fondiario, ecco le ipotesi di accordo per il nuovo #ccnl.
@OnofrioRota, SG #FaiCisl: "Rinnovo che conferma il valore del settore dentro una logica di #lavoro ambientale, al servizio di #agricoltura e #cittadini"
#ambiente #ClimateChange

#ClimateChange was on everyone's mind as #wef20 kicked off last week. How does it affect #farmers? Share 📸 photos of your farm showing climate pressures like flooding, drought & severe temperatures using #FarmersAndClimate #wef2020 #davos2020 SyngentaES photo

"We must become a carbon neutral economy sooner than 2050."

As @sainsburys commit £1bn to becoming net-zero by 2040, chief Mike Coupe and chairman Martin Scicluna write in @telebusiness urging other companies to go "far and fast" on #ClimateChange
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@GrogsGamut Thank goodness there’s no such thing as #ClimateChange . Imagine how bad these fires would be if the scientists were right #AustraliaBurning #namadgi So pleased @HonTonyAbbott settled that argument.

Train price for 2 people travelling from London to Skipton = £360.90 WITH a railcard getting 1/3rd off 😱 No wonder we are reluctant to give up our cars & decide to holiday abroad! We could fly to Paris for £180!! Is the Gov really serious about tackling #ClimateChange..?

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